Awareness of clay as primordial matter, which is animated by all kinds of forces, is at the heart of the processes one engages in during the workshop.
Direct involvement with a large amount of raw clay takes the participants out of an object directed way of thinking and invites them into an experiential       approach, opening them up to a purely sensuous experience of the material.


A frame is provided: a site, raw matter, a group, three days.
The participants will work both in a large amount of clay on the floor and in a thick layer on a table, alternating immersing oneself fully in the material, with working with hands and arms in the confined space of the table. The same clay will be used over and over again, by keeping it wet and workable.
Collaboration will be an important aspect, working together, often in rhythmical patterns, creating a trance-like state, slowly building up a field of energy which will become visible in the clay as traces and textures. From different points of departure, without preconceived ideas about the outcome, often beautiful results in the clay will emerge from the process.


Some reactions of participants in a previous workshop:
“That bodily contact with clay could bring me so deep into the very core of me was overwhelming.”
“I am familiar with meditation, but I have never before reached such a state of mind”.
“It takes time and it gets time. Everybody is silent, a stillness is born. Embracing the clay and being embraced in return. Time falls away, just being. Finding what within the body was always present”.
Max 10 participants. Applications please sent to



About the workshops

These workshops are unique opportunities to learn from internationally acclaimed artists. BE! CERAMICS aims to become a meeting place of people passionate by ceramics and to create a way of enlarging the ceramic community. In 2015 during 3 days you can discover a specific approach of contemporary ceramics by Alexandra Engelfriet. It is a unique opportunity to activate a collaboration by exchange of content and technical know how. Read more


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BE! CERAMICS Masterclass 2015 consist of an intensive workshop. During 3 days you can discover a specific approach of contemporary ceramics. No more then ± 10 persons can participate. This specific workshop consist of 3 days during min.7 hrs a day assisted by Alexandra. Meals and drinks are taken care of and sleeping facilities are well organized on the site. The location is a island of peace in a little village not far from the wood...During BE! CERAMICS Masterclass the atmosphere is "all for ceramics"! More information